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CORES Gold Cone Filter Paperless Dripper C275GD 1-8 Cups

Cores Cone Gold Filter is designed for making aromatic coffee with good flavor. This gold filter is strongly recommended by Maruyama coffee.

The “CORES” gold filter is plated with pure gold as gold is hard to oxidise and so coffee made with this gold filter is not affected by metal. Also, the true taste and flavour of coffee can be extracted as the coffee oil is not blocked by the filter.

Pure gold double plating: One of main causes of coffee degradation is “oxidation”. Gold does not cause any chemical reaction, so the coffee brewed by a gold filter cannot be oxidised and you can enjoy great tasting coffee.

Slot pattern
Longitudinal slots: Thanks to the slot shape water flows much smoother and faster and the water temperature can be kept higher.

Punching direction from inside to outside: Every slot is punched from inside to outside to allow water to flow much smoother and faster.

Original filter holder design: ideal shape for fast brewing
The clear filter holder has no wall. This allows the water to flow very smoothly unlike an ordinary dripper where the water has to pass than between the filter holder wall and filter.

In a normal cone shaped filter, water flow tends to be gathered at the base of the filter. In order to prevent over extraction , the base of our cores cone filter is raised so the water flows outwards, and does not gather in the central lower area. Thanks to this raised base, strong bitterness does not come into the coffee liquid.

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“Cores” means “colour” in Portuguese.

We would like to help make your coffee experience more enjoyable and colourful with our cores products.

The brand concept is “to bring the best taste and flavour from specialty coffee.”
The “Gold Filter” is the core product of cores brand that delivers the brand concept. It was developed using the advice of Maruyama Coffee, a leading Japanese company in specialty coffee known worldwide for their expertise.

We plan to supply many kinds of products that will bring a smile and more colour to your coffee enjoyment in the future too.

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1-8 cups