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d’ANCAP Palermo COMPETITION Cup White 150ml (Set of 6) ,

d'ANCAP produces feldspatic hard porcelain, using only the best raw materials. The quality of materials guarantees strength and particularly thick porcelain suitable for professional use.
This is an elegant high-quality porcelain cup ideal for serving cappuccinos. This ideal size of cup is the standard used for the barista competitions around the world.
The set contains six cups with six saucers. Chip free. Made in Italy.

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Ancàp S.p.A. was founded in 1964: the founder, Giuseppe Boschini, already renowned as an expert connoisseur of the porcelain market and porcelain decoration, decides to become a producer himself, under the sign of quality and creativity, 100% Made in Italy.

In just a few years, Ancàp built its position on the market, based on a perfect balance between art and technology, with the combination of quality and assortment that only a full cycle production plant can guarantee: an absolutely distinctive characteristic that is still, after 40 years of experience, the center and focus of the excellence of Ancàp.

Only hard feldspar porcelain: Ancàp S.p.A. devotes its production to just one particular type of white, translucent porcelain, which is extremely hard and compact, offering strength and superior quality.

It is the result of exclusive production processes, carefully monitored in every detail: firing is done at a very high temperature, exactly 1410°C, to ensure optimum blending and merging of the components and the resulting compactness, free of porosity and able to withstand thermal shock and impact.

It is ideal for a wide range of products in which to serve and enjoy food and beverages, technically perfect and elegantly decorated with refined patterns.

Real experts know that the cups need to have a certain shape and design (especially on the inside of the cups), thick porcelain bodies and the appropriate size. Only served properly Espresso and Cappuccino maintain aroma, temperature, crema and fragrance.

d’ANCAP is one of Italy’s leading manufacturers of high level porcelain and specialized in coffee related products, offers a large range of cups for espresso, cappuccino and other Italian coffee specialities. Barista professionals are involved every time a new shape is developed and their suggestions and requirements are always held in the highest consideration in order to obtain a professionally perfect result.


150 ml / 150 cc / 15 cl








6 sets (6 cups and 6 saucers)