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ETHIOPIA Sidamo Hunkute Nordic Approach Filter 150gr (RD: 19/5) ,

floral, lemon curd, vanilla with tamarind aftertaste

Region: Sidamo
Crop Year: 2016
Processing: Natural
Elevation: 1900-2000 masl
Varietal: Mixed Heirloom
Roaster: Noah's Barn, Bandung
Roast: Filter
Roast Date: 19/5/17
Nett Content: 150gr

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The Hunkute cooperative sources cherry from around 2000 small-holder producers throughout Wonsho who collectively manage around 6000 trees.The region’s high altitude, rich soil and dry weather allow for the cherries to mature slowly resulting in an incredibly sweet, vibrant and fragrant cup.


Nordic Approach is a sourcing company focusing solely on high quality green coffees. We do the groundwork to identify, improve, select, and import the best coffees from the most interesting origins. Every coffee we buy or forward to a client is selected based on the cup profile. We believe transparency through the chain and premiums going back to the producers is the only way to achieve a sustainable quality coffee production.

Working long-term with cooperatives, associations, and farmers enables us to do increased lot separation and more selective buying. Through the premiums we pay every year, the farmers are able to invest and fine-tune quality, and we are able to access increasingly good coffee year after year. Our goal is to be able to share this relationship with our clients.

We want to be a preferred supplier and sourcing partner for any roaster looking for exceptional quality, and we will do what it takes to fully control the supply chain and secure quality coffees for our clients. We are also focused on adding value through transparency and extensive information about each coffee we offer, and developing projects in origin.

By mainly working in specific countries in East Africa and Central and South America, we aim to be the best in our segment. We are investing time and attention to specific countries with great potential for amazing coffees. This means we will have a specific selection of origins and a great variety of coffees from every country where we work, instead of sourcing bits and pieces from wherever coffee can grow.