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[QUICK DEAL|20% OFF] ILSA Linea Easy Teflon Coated Milk Pitcher Jug 600ml , ,

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This is a high quality entry-level ILSA branded milk jug from Italy with Teflon coating. Made using thick metal meterial and designed with the tapered spout, which makes it ideal for performing latte art. The Teflon coating functions as non-sticky surface to the jug wall. No more milk stains on the wall and makes it easier to wash.

Highest quality of stainless steel guarantees robustness and durability when using drip free edge lip ensures cleanliness and hygiene handle designed for ergonomic grip and comfortable wrist position whilst serving.

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ILSA is the acronym for Industria Laminazione Stampaggio Alluminio, i.e. Factory for rolling and pressing aluminium. The first product bearing this mark is the typical Italian coffee maker called ‘napoletana’; it is manufactured through high quality materials and improved through some changes. The founder of ILSA organizes the factory by giving it a commercial technical feature apt to meet both the Italian and the international market, in particular the American market.

ILSA ideology can be summarised as follows: “Exploitation of the technical experience which has been accumulated and awareness of the market trend in order to renew tradition”. ILSA constantly pays attention to evolution in technology and changing market practice. In 1956 production in stainless steel is started off and shortly ILSA gains market approvals.


600 ml


Durable stainless steel with Teflon coating