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LA MARZOCCO GS3 Strada MP Grouphead Manometer Upgrade Kit , , ,

This is a full Strada MP grouphead manometer upgrade kit for GS3. It is a must upgrade if you already have a GS3 MP up to 2016 model, so it would perform and function the same as Strada MP. This modification gives you broader espresso brewing spectrum. You can now set the machine to go at a certain pressure and hold it there as you like. For example: you can engage the coffee brewing pressure at 3, 6 , 9 bars at any time you want.

This modification is fairly simple to be performed and is completely reversible.

Here is a fantastic forum reference that explains and discusses in full about the modification and also covers DIY (Do It Yourown) guides – How to install brewhead pressure gauge on La Marzocco GS3.

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The upgrade kit includes:

  • Vertical pressure gauge
  • Vertical manometer nut
  • Vertical manometer fitting
  • Paddle Ryton shaft with thread for mounting pressure gauge
  • Rubber O-rings
  • Instruction manuals

What needs to be anticipated:

  • You may perform instalation yourself but you will need some tools, such as: wrenches, screw drivers, and Allen keys. Or if you are not sure about instaling yourself, you may inquire us
  • You are not able to use the original grouphead cap as it needs a hole in the middle for the vertical gauge fitting. You can either make a hole on the original cap or purchase the cap with the factory hole separately
  • It takes about 1-2 hours to do this modification
  • It is a safe modification and is completely reversible