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LYN WEBER EG-1 Electric Grinder , , , ,

We have one unit available of worldwide sought-after grinder from Lyn Weber. It is the new EG-1 grinder that we happened to secure the unit sometime ago in the first batch production slot of 100 units worldwide. Now that we have received it and there is not yet any immediate use, we are willing to offer this fantastic opportunity to anyone who would like to adopt this unit. Guaranteed brand new and still in its original packaging and ready to ship (Indonesia only) immediately following order confirmation and payment.
NOTE: This product is available in stock right now brand new in its original packaging. Contact us directly to express your interest, get the pricing detail, and get yours!


For both pour over and espresso style preparations, the EG-1 is Lyn Weber Workshop’s commercial grinder. Peerless in build quality and with an incomparable set of features, the EG-1 is unique in the world of café grinders. From the start, we set out to create a machine with precise control over the key variables that affect quality, providing the professional barista with the best tool to make an exceptional cup of coffee.


Burr Diameter

80 mm

Burr Type

Flat burr