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MILKYPITCH X MOTTA Europa Milk Pitcher Jug Jenny Blue 350ml

The collaboration between CoffeeHQ.Biz and Milkypitch has spawn the very exclusive world-premier limited-batch powder-coated Motta Europa milk jugs. Be one of the firsts in the world to own these special jugs.
This is an original high quality Motta Europa milk jug, coated using a unique technique by Milkypitch. The coating is high technology that is food save, UV and heat resistant, most importantly also does not contain any alcalides.
Available in six fashionable colors: Jenny (Blue), Katie (Red), Clementine (White), Betty (Black), Foxy (Tosca), and Sunny (Yellow).


Milkypitch is an independent company based in Hamburg, Germany. Started by two passionate coffee people who have worked in the industry for several years and do believe that their unique products will support baristas worldwide and make them look cool.

Beside all the standard stainless steel milk frothing pitchers and Teflon coated ones, Milkypitch were looking for a bit more colorful way of steaming milk. Therefore they have developed a unique technique of powder coating and created a special food save, UV resistant and heat resistant color for pitchers. This special way of coating also offers you the possibility to clean the pitcher in an easy way due the nature of its slippery surface. Also this makes the pitcher’s surface free of any fingerprints.


Metallurgica Motta, founded in 1967 in Italy, has always specialized in the production of household goods in stainless steel.

The complete range of high quality products, which includes household items, gifts and items for bars and the hotel industry, have allowed the company to develop and expand both in Italy and abroad. A Considerable tradition in this field, which implies reliability given by years of consolidated experience, modern design and high quality are the foundations of Metallurgica Motta’s success.

Thanks to all this and to our first-rate commercial organisation today Metallurgica Motta is recognised and appreciated on the major international markets.


350 ml


Stainless steel coated with food-save, UV and heat resistant paint


Made in Italy, Coated in Hamburg