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PESADO Aluminum Black Portafilter , , ,

The Pesado portafilter has been designed to optimize efficiency and durability. The body and spout have been made entirely in stainless steel to increase strength and performance with heavy usage.
The open spout has a precise splitting curve and the inner surface has been machined to enhance the visual coffee thickness during the pour.
For ease of cleaning the spout can be easily removed and this portafilter can easily handle any kind of harsh coffee machines cleaning solutions.
All anodized aluminum handles have been machined with the most advanced tools for absolute precision and finished to have a smooth feel and a uniquely crafted colour code.


Dolo is the parent company of Pesado products. Dolo believes that mastering the perfect coffee, from farm to the cafe, comes from innovation, technology and attention to detail.

Dolo strives to bring you the freshest, most efficient equipment on the market to respond to the constant evolution of coffee.

Dolo Cafe Supplies is a young company that specializes in distributing cafe accessories and equipment, creative alternative brewing systems and focus on exploring the horizons of new technology in the industry.




Stainless Steel Head, Anodized Aluminum Handle