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[QUICK DEAL|15% OFF] Eazytamp 5 Star Pro Leveler Tamper 58.4mm , ,

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A revolutionary coffee tamper designed by Eazytamp. The Double-Spring Leveler coffee tamper (Eazytamp Five Star Pro) is an exciting new development in intelligent espresso-making tool technology. This new coffee tamper resolves two key issues in one user-friendly tamper:
– the need to exert consistent pressure when tamping; and
– the need for a fail-safe leveling system to eliminate uneven tamping and the problems this creates during the coffee extraction process.
This tamper is ideal for anyone who uses or owns a coffee machine, including professional competitive baristas, baristas employed in café/restaurants, or home baristas because it makes coffee making simple. There are no other tools needed to make this coffee tamper work – it does everything for you.
Using this tamper removes human error and takes the variability out of tamping. Grab one today as it could be the best investment (after the essentials) towards improving the quality of the espresso.

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  • Two stainless steel flanges (bases):
    • A leveler flange – this flange sits on the top of a filter basket, and acts as a ‘leveler’ ensuring that a barista tamps straight down and not on an angle
    • A compression flange – this flange compresses/makes contact with the ground coffee in the filter basket and can be ordered to fit your specific filter basket size
  • Two springs:
    • Spring 1 – Spring 1 is a pre-calibrated spring that sits inside of the Eazytamp assembly. It is used to compress the compression flange using either 10 kilos (red spring) or 15 kilos (silver spring) of pressure. This spring ensures consistent pressure is used when the barista tamps ground coffee. Both springs are provided with the tamper and are interchangeable
    • Spring 2 – This is a large spring that ensures that the star flange returns to its original leveling position after tamping occurs. This spring has no bearing on the pressure exerted on ground coffee
  • High quality stainless steel and brass parts
  • A handle made from industrial grade acetal plastic which is perfectly balanced in the hand
  • Proudly Australian made
  • Total Weight: 330g


Eazytamp is the creation of Mr. Elie Nootenboom, engineer, builder and coffee addict. The tamp itself has been ten years in the making, having undergone countless developments to make it the most intelligent tool you can purchase. The Eazytamp is not your average coffee-making tool.

We are a family owned business based in Melbourne with a passion for all things espresso, and are incredibly proud of the products we make, and we are confident you will love them too. Innovation is part of our ethos, and our precision designed infusion tamp heads ensure available and enable a barista to play with the flavours extracted from any blend of coffee used. The Eazytamp comes with a lifetime guarantee on all parts.

Using precision manufacturing, the Eazytamp can be purchased assembled, or in parts to allow you to create your ideal tamp. We are proud to keep it 100% Australian made and source only the best materials, using high grade stainless steel, industrial grade acetal plastic and the best quality natural Tasmanian Timbers.

It is completely interchangeable, and can be customised to suit you. The Eazytamp can be used as a spring-loaded tamper or solid tamper with the presence of a locking mechanism. We understand not all coffee machines are the same; so the Eazytamp can be manufactured to fit filter baskets for all types of coffee machines, just ask us.

The Eazytamp comes with a lifetime guarantee on all parts. We hope you enjoy them.


Stainless steel, brass, acetal