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[QUICK DEAL|30% OFF] OCD V2: ONA Coffee Distributor Tool , ,

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This item has been carefully and only slightly used only for about one month. There are some scuff marks on the base and light scratches on the handle (see pictures), but it is intact and has never been dropped before.
The OCD V2 is self adjusting to accommodate the desired dose; has a rough, textured, non-slip design around the sides to provide grip and durability; and is made of brass to eliminate static electricity, allowing for more even extraction and a better tasting cup of coffee.

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Making delicious coffee is all about understanding variables & taking control of them. Distribution creates major variables standing in the road of quality & consistency. The OCD eliminates those inconsistencies.

Some baristas tamp the coffee grounds without first distributing evenly in the basket, while others will distribute the grounds with the forefinger. Accordingly, results can vary and these irregularities cause uneven density of the coffee in the basket, channeling is the result and the quality of every cup is affected. Using the OCD to distribute the coffee before tamping, eliminates inconsistencies and perfect distribution is achieved every time.

1. The OCD has four angled slopes that consistently, efficiently & evenly glides the coffee around in a circle to create a puck of even density. No more inconsistencies between baristas’ distribution or lack of distribution in the café.

2. The OCD creates a perfectly flat surface to tamp upon, creating more consistent puck density. No human has a perfectly straight finger, some baristas leave a slight mound or divot in the coffee, which means they tamp down inconsistencies in the puck density.

3. The OCD can be adjusted to suit a range of doses, depending on specific roasting styles. This tool can even suit those using very low doses or larger baskets.

4. No more dirty, cracked coffee fingers after a day of service on the espresso machine.

5. No need to collapse the dose. After extensive taste testing with multiple coffees & different roasting styles, we have found any form of collapsing to stratify grinds, creating very inconsistent extraction & qualities of taste (separate to yield). Each barista will also collapse differently, creating yet another inconsistency in the café. The OCD takes the same time to create a more even & consistent puck, giving more consistent & delicious extractions.

6. Less channelling & micro-channelling, improper or rushed distribution, is more likely to channel which is disastrous to taste. Micro-channelling is also difficult to visually identify & is more likely to happen with inconsistent or no distribution – the OCD will remove this variable.