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Saint Anthony Industries The Perfect Paper Filters for Phoenix 70 ,

They are perfectly symmetrical. You brew in the center of two layers, much different from the standard 3 layers on one side and 1 layer on the other side. St. Anthony Brand Filters filter are thinner and have a different structure allowing faster flow.
Pack of 100 pieces of paper filters.
NOTE: Only to be used with the Phoenix 70!


St. Anthony industries was started by the Bombeck brothers, headed by Khristian Bombeck, the inventors of Alpha Dominche Steampunk coffee machines. Based in Salt Lake City, Utah, Saint Anthony has been open for business online since late 2014. Their departure from the steam-punk provided an opportunity to redefine their approach to speciality coffee. A new focus was set, based on simplicity, ease-of-use, and excellence in design. The Brothers of St. Anthony have taken their years of experience as coffee professionals and designers and have begun a new adventure to build tangible solutions for the world’s finest baristas and coffee enthusiasts. The Brothers of St. Anthony are looking forward to working closely again with old friends and making new ones.


Salt Lake City, USA